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Your First Visit

Please come in and talk.  

Psychotherapy and your therapist

Please come in and we'll talk.  Hopefully, we'll be a good fit.  If for some reason, we're unable to work together, then I'll do my best to find someone that's right for you.  But do come in, and we'll talk about what's going on.






If you have insurance and would like to seek reimbursement, these are the questions you should ask yourself.  

  • Do I have a deductable for mental health?

  • How many sessions are covered per calendar year?

  • Do I have a co-payment?

  • What percentage of my bill will be reimbursed by an out-of-network provider?


What will it cost?  When you come in for your first visit, we'll discuss your situation and go about setting an appropriate fee.  If for some reason a proper fee can't be found, then I'll refer you to a therapist that hopefully will accomodate you.








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