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Are you in a relationship, but still feel lonely? 


Do you find yourself spending time alone when you could be with the person you're with? 


Do you find yourself on the computer, lagging behind your loved one, or simply not wanting to respond to the overtures of the people in your life?

All of this can be frustrating and sad, and usually there are good reasons behind it.  

Come in, and let us, together, try to understand what's going on so we can untie the knots that keep you out of the life you're living.  

There can be many causes for our isolation.  They can be depression, anxiety, fear of rejection. 


Often, we have needs operating inside us that we're not even aware of, and there are old patterns used to deal with the hurt of those unfulfilled needs that can often cut people out of our lives who we care the most about.  

Through the work we do here, we can strengthen you to have more of the life and connections you want, and hopefully, you'll come to feel less isolated, alone, and no longer helpless to do something about your loneliness.  

It's remarkable what can happen if you sit down and take the time with a trained professional to untie the knots and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together to live a better life.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

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